Two Voice of Holland suspects will face sex crime charges: OM

The scandal around The Voice of Holland in the papers. Photo: ANP/HH/Rob Engelaar

The public prosecution department said on Tuesday it will take legal action against a band leader and judge on tv talent show The Voice of Holland for sex crimes.

Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen face prosecution but the investigation into singer Marco Borsato, another judge on the show, has been dropped because of the lack of evidence, the department said.

The investigations were started after a report on YouTube channel Boos, which claimed several dozen women had been harassed and abused by four men behind the scenes.

After the BOOS broadcast, the public prosecution department appealed for victims to come forward and the formal investigation was started.

Ali B, who was not named by the public prosecutor, is being investigated on three charges, all involving adult women, and Rietbergen faces one charge, the department said. Two of the four victims were connected to the television show.

In the wake of the Boos documentary sponsors cancelled their contracts with the show, another judge, Anouk, quit the line-up and Rietbergen split with his partner, Linda de Mol.

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