Specialist team using sonar to scan riverbed joins search for missing mother

Speaking from his helicopter en route to the scene, he said: “We are having a briefing at 8.30 am, and then going to the location to set up. They are getting a briefing at a farmhouse and then they’ll move to the scene.

“We are working closely with the police to provide extra support. We are going to be using a high-frequency side scan sonar. That’s going to be used to search down the river, past the weir.

“That will give us a crystal clear image of anything on the river bed. It shows every rock and every stone.

“On a straight river, we can do about ten miles of river a day. But this is a very windy, changeable river, up and down in depth. So we will do the best we can.”

‘If she is there, I will find her with that sonar’

He added: “I’m confident with my expertise over 20 odd years that if she is there, I will find her with that sonar. I will be operating that sonar.”

A friend of Ms Bulley said she has asked a private underwater rescue team to rule out the theory that the mother-of-two fell into the river.

Emma White told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “We hope they uncover nothing, like the police have done for the last 10 days, and we hope Nicola is not in that river.”

Lancashire Police has been deploying teams of divers and a boat with underwater cameras to trawl the river for any traces of Ms Bulley since she disappeared on January 27 while walking her dog.

Police are working under the hypothesis that Ms Bulley fell in the river, but friends and family have claimed there is “no evidence whatsoever” behind this.

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