New Milton: Criminal damage a ‘blight’ on town as man is charged

A MAN is due to appear in court after a spate of criminal damage “blighted” parts of New Milton. 

The 36-year-old from the Ashley area in New Milton, Hampshire, has been charged with nine offences, including seven relating to criminal damage.

Officers attended an address in Ashley on Wednesday, February 1, and arrested a man on suspicion of seven criminal damage offences and one shoplifting offence. 

Police say two suspected cannabis plants were located at the property and the same man was further arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis. 

He will appear in court in mid-March. 

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A spokesperson for Lymington and New Milton Police said: “Regarding the series of criminal damage incidents that have blighted the town over the last few months, with various premises being attacked, officers from the team have been working to identify the person(s) responsible and collate sufficient evidence to be able to lead to a successful prosecution, as well as carrying out late night patrols to prevent any further incidents.  

“Reviews were done of the available evidence for all the incidents that had been reported to us to see which investigations we could progress and which ones we couldn’t.  

“Good quality CCTV footage from some of the incidents was invaluable in this investigation, leading to a suspect being identified for some of the offences.” 

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