Dog Quickly Shows Owner The Effectiveness of Months of Toilet Training

A new puppy is all fun and games—until they start urinating in places they shouldn’t.

In a viral clip that has eight million views, TikTok user @kimcasv can be seen rolling a large cream rug onto the floor. She is shortly joined by Cleo, a Bichon Frise, who then decides to wee on the rug, leaving Kim in complete shock.

She added the following text to the video: “bringing my rug back out after months of training my dog not to pee inside.”

A stock image of a dog who has peed on the carpet. Millions have watched the moment a dog urinates on her owners carpet after months of training.
alexsokolov/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Newsweek reached out to Jen Walmsley, a dog trainer, who shared the following toilet training tips:

  • Take them out every 1-2 hours in the daytime, and make sure whenever they wake up from a nap, or before you pop them in their crate, they get a chance to toilet
  • Avoid using puppy pads as this will teach them to go on your rugs and soft furnishings indoors
  • Don’t tell them off if they have an accident, take them straight outside so they make the association. Try not to distract them while waiting for them to go, and praise lots when they do

U.K.-based Walmsley, who has five years of experience, told Newsweek it could be the cleaning products too.

She said: “If dog owners don’t use an enzyme cleaning product then it can still smell like ammonia which makes them want to mark in the same spot. This gets more pungent over time, and the more they mark there.”

The American Kennel Club states Bichon Frise dogs are usually eager to please so they are trainable. However, this may not be the case for Cleo.

Previously, Newsweek shared a viral clip from a dog trainer who highlighted what canines to avoid as a first-time dog owner. The list included a husky, a pit bull, and a rottweiler as they all need extensive training.

The popular video has racked up 852,000 likes, along with many popular comments that have racked up hundreds of thousands of likes too.

The top comment has 89,000 likes, it said: “Noooo. She knew what she was doing.”

Another with over 40,000 likes said: “I swear they do it on purpose.”

“YOU DIDN’T EVEN FINISH UNROLLING IT,” pointed out another person.

“From a dog trainer: it happens, girl. sending you patience HAHA,” said another person.

It seems this TikTok video isn’t the only one that has caught thousands of people’s attention. Previously, Newsweek shared the moment a puppy training went horribly wrong.

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