Met apologies to David Carrick victims ahead of sentencing as new details of his crimes is set to be revealed

Carrick served as a Met officer for 20 years before being unmasked as one of the country’s most prolific sex offenders.

The 48-year-old was sacked from the force for gross misconduct after admitting 49 criminal charges – including 24 counts of rape against 12 women over an 18-year period.

More details of his shocking crimes are set to be released during his sentencing at Southwark Crown Court on Monday.

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray

/ Met Police

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray, the Met’s lead for Professionalism said: “It is nearly three weeks since David Carrick entered the last of his guilty pleas. In doing so, he admitted to the most appalling offences against women.

“Tomorrow, he will be in court for the first day of a two-day sentencing hearing.

“More detail will be provided about the cruel and abusive nature of his crimes and about the impact they have had on the tremendously brave women who came forward to provide evidence against him.

“I am truly sorry for the harm and devastation he has caused them. We let them down and we failed to identify a man in the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service who carried out the most awful offences.

“He should not have been a police officer.

“In the weeks since he pleaded guilty, we have spoken about our genuine and urgent commitment to address the systemic failings that have been identified by our own reviews, by those of His Majesty’s Inspectorate and Baroness Casey.

“We are determined to root out those who corrupt our integrity.”

She added: “The next two days, however, are about the victims.

“They have shown such courage in speaking out.

“They truly deserve to have their voices heard and see justice done.”

The statement came as the first victim of sex predator police officer David Carrick to reveal her identity said that she wants him to spend the next 40 years behind bars.

Darciane Nunes Da Silva, 43, waived her anonymity in an interview with the Sunday People as she believes that there are more victims of the former Metropolitan Police officer who have yet to come forward.

She told the paper that he strangled and violently slapped her, controlled every part of her life, spied on her with hidden cameras, and punished her when she did not obey him by releasing his snakes from their enclosure.

Carrick wielded his status as a police officer in his sexual offending, using the role to “charm” women and then silencing them with threats that they would never be believed over him.

Some of the victims said Carrick told them initially: “I am a police officer, you are safe with me.”

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