I work at Hooters – people don’t believe me when I show them the ‘one size fits all uniform’

THIS Hooters girl has claimed that staff uniforms come in only one size.

Although, many fans were a little bit skeptical if this was true after they saw the style choice on TikTok.


Hooters girl Tori (pictured) revealed an alleged one-size-fits-all uniform to viewers on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@toribear14
Tori later confirmed she was joking, as the outfit appeared to be a babygrow


Tori later confirmed she was joking, as the outfit appeared to be a babygrowCredit: TikTok/@toribear14

Tori, a Hooters girl, took to the platform to post a video about the one-size-fits-all outfits.

“Hi guys, so I always get asked what size my Hooters girl uniform is,” Tori noted at the beginning of the clip.

“They are not like normal clothing sizes, they are one-size-fits-all, and they come like this.”

She then held up what appeared to be a Hooters babygrow.

“They’re super small, but they’re very, very stretchy,” Tori joked.

Viewers immediately took to the comments section on the video, confused as to whether or not the Hooters girl was being serious.

“Girl stop that’s probably your baby’s clothes😳” one person said.

“Beautiful and I didn’t know that about them!!” another noted.

However, after a question from one user, Tori confirmed that she was, in fact, joking.

“Wait so they come as like 1 piece like a romper??” they asked.

Tori replied, “It’s a joke hunnie 😂🤪😘.”

Other commenters were onto the gag right away, and one even claimed to have been a former manager at the restaurant chain.

“I managed Hooters for years,” the viewer claimed.

“That is NOT how the uniforms come.”


Although the babygrow might not be the real uniform that the Hooters staff wear, other girls have taken to TikTok recently to confirm various rules about their outfits.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, there are at least four rules that Hooters girls allegedly have to follow concerning their work fashion.

They must wear clean tights, have a clean uniform, and have shorts that cover the butt.

The girls also have to wear white shirts if they’re waitressing and black if bartending.

Additionally, in the same vein of Tori’s joke that the uniforms are small, another Hooters girl recently took to TikTok to reveal that the sizing variation in the uniforms is bizarre.

“When your shorts are an xxxs, top is an xxs and tights are a C in Hooters size,” she captioned her post while wearing her uniform.

The U.S. Sun also has the story of a Hooters girl who said that black shorts are specifically not allowed for staff at her location.

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