York man sacked for accidentally charging £666.50 for burger & chips

A kebab van boss says he has sacked an employee who accidentally charged a customer £666.50 for his burger and chips – and he wants to refund the money as soon as soon as possible.

Ahmed Abdullah, the manager of Efe’s Kebab Kitchen, in York, was speaking after The T&A’s sister paper The Press revealed how Toby Wilson should have paid only £6.50 for his veggie burger and cheesy chips at the end of a night out just before Christmas.

But two extra sixes were keyed into the payment machine, and he didn’t spot the error when he paid by Apple on his phone.

“I woke up the next day to find my account had much less money in it than it should have had,” said Toby, 35, who was brought up in York but now lives in Manchester.

“I checked and discovered I had been charged £660 more than I should have been.”

Mr Abdulah called The Press yesterday evening to say he had dismissed the member of staff who made the mistake.

He said he had been in business for 25 years and nothing like this had ever happened before.

He said he had spoken to the card payment people and been advised that the quickest way of resolving the situation would be for the customer to come to the van and present his card, so the refund could be made on the spot.

Alternatively, if the customer contacted him and gave him his bank account details, he could make the refund payment by transfer immediately.

But Mr Wilson revealed that his own bank had temporarily refunded the money yesterday while it investigated what had happened.

He also claimed he had given Mr Abdullah his bank details previously and could make the payment tonight.

“If he sent me the money I could tell the bank to close the case and it’s all done,” he said. 


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