Chandler’s Ford: Careless driver is banned for six months

A BMW driver has been disqualified for six months for careless driving in Southampton.

Thomas Grimbley, 30, of Hornbeam Road, Chandler’s Ford, has been convicted of driving without due care and attention on Bassett Avenue, near the junction with Bassett Heath Avenue, Bassett, on April 5 last year.

Aldershot Magistrates Court heard that Grimbley was in an 18-reg BMW M140i when the offence occurred. No further details were available from the court record.

The case against him was proved in his absence on October 24 last year.

The magistrates imposed the ban, a £450 fine, a £345 victim surcharge and £110 costs at a hearing on Monday January 30.

The total penalty of £905 must be paid by February 27, the magistrates ordered.

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