Update on an investigation launched following an Israeli TV interview in December 2022

We are aware of significant community interest in an investigation that was launched following an interview aired on Israeli TV in December 2022. The following statement sets out the steps taken by officers to investigate the allegations made during that interview:

In December 2022, the Met was made aware of an interview broadcast on an Israeli television channel in which an unnamed woman, who appeared anonymously, alleged she had been the victim of non-recent sexual offences that are said to have taken place in London.

Detectives from the North West Command Unit opened an investigation. As part of their enquiries they reviewed the interview and the related material broadcast alongside it. They contacted the television channel that conducted the interview in Israel in an effort to make contact with the woman and confirm her identity.

To date, these efforts have been unsuccessful. It is not possible to progress an investigation of this nature without officers being able to identify and speak to a complainant. They cannot rely solely on anonymous or third party testimony and for that reason the investigation has been closed.

Should new information emerge, officers would of course consider it carefully.

We take allegations of sexual offences seriously and recognise the courage that it takes for victims to come forward.

We would urge women who have been the subject of assault or abuse of any kind to speak to us. You will be listened to and taken seriously, your identity will be protected and specialist officers will be there to support you through the investigation and any subsequent judicial process.

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