Filing your American Taxes in the Netherlands

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  • Date: February 16
  • Time: 7pm – 8.30pm
  • Title: Filing your American Taxes in the Netherlands
  • Presenters: Christie DuChateau from BNC Tax and Arnold Waal from Tax is Exciting
  • Register now (free) and confirm your attendance on Facebook and Meetup

Filing your US Expat Taxes in the Netherlands in 2023

Are you a US national living in the Netherlands? Do you know how to file your American taxes this spring? Not sure where to start? Then this webinar is exactly what you’re looking for!

Join us on Thursday, February 16, at 7pm to learn all about filing your US and Dutch taxes in 2023. In this webinar, tax experts Christie DuChateau and Arnold Waal team up to explain what your US tax obligations are, how to file your taxes, and how your American and Dutch tax returns are connected. They’ll also answer all your questions and share helpful tips along the way.

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  • Obligations to file
  • Sequence of events
  • Ask questions about US and Dutch tax

This webinar will be hosted by Christie DuChateau from BNC Tax and Arnold Waal from Tax is Exciting. Both are excited to host this webinar and answer your questions!

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Replay available 

Can’t join at the exact date and time? Don’t worry! When you register, a replay link will be sent to you after the live webinar.

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