Groningen prohibits possession of objects that can be used as weapons

In the municipality of Groningen, a ban on carrying knives and other objects that can be used as weapons will apply from March 1, the municipality announced on Friday. With this, the municipality wants to reduce the number of people who are victims of violence with weapons.

These are weapons that are not prohibited by law, such as kitchen knives, awls and pocket knives. The ban will soon apply to public spaces such as streets, squares and parks. If the item is packaged in such a way that it cannot be used, the ban will not apply. For example, a kitchen knife in its packaging can be brought from home to the store normally.

If the police or law enforcement officers find weapons on a person, those items will be confiscated. Violators can be fined. Juveniles ages 12 to 18 must report to the Halt office and will receive a training sentence. According to city officials, the ban preempts a national bill. The mayor has used his authority to designate an area where the firearms ban applies. He has this authority on the basis of the General Local Bye-Laws (APV).

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