18-year-old man arrested for threatening school shooting in Rijswijk

The police arrested a 18-year-old man on Saturday evening in Wateringen who is suspected of threatening a school in Rijswijk, a spokesperson confirmed after reporting from news site Regio15.

Around 8 p.m., teachers, parents and students at a school in Rijswijk received a shocking email in which the young man announced that he would go on a rampage shooting on Monday, February 6.

“On Monday, February 6, you will all be shot and burned, and after that I will take my own life, ” the mail said. Furthermore, it was written in the mail that the 18-year-old was under great pressure and was being bullied. In addition, the email included photos of three boxes (9mm) firearms, Regio15 reported.

After receiving the frightening email, the police was immediately notified by the school. Students and parents were also alerted to the incident, wrote the news site.

The police took the report very seriously and arrived at the suspect’s home in large numbers with negotiators and other numerous police officers using a “protective shield” procedure and arrested him there.

The school has brought in forensic IT experts to investigate the account from which the threat originated, said president Ewald van Vliet of Lucas Education, under which the school falls. By Sunday afternoon, the school hopes to know more. According to the suspect’s father, his account was hacked, AD reported. The police is also looking into whether this may have been the case.

According to Van Vliet, there is no threat right now. “There is no cause for concern about the security of the school,” he said.

No weapons were found in the house of the 18-year-old man, according to the police. However, the police could not say anything about the identity of the suspect on Sunday morning.

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